Autophobia is on HIATUS...OMG?!!! by G.H.S.T
May 15th, 2017, 8:57 am
Yes, it is true, Autophobia is on hiatus. I apologize for not posting about it here sooner. I encourage you guys to follow me on Tumblr for updates like that, I tend to post stuff about that over there first.

ANYWAY: I am okay, I just have a lot of things on my plate right now LOL. It's honestly almost comical how so many huge life changes are happening simultaneously right now, but they're good life changes.

After 7 years, I am finally going to be done with college! I am graduating my graduate program next month and am finishing up my internship. I also got hired where I am doing my internship! I don't start until August, but the last couple of weeks have been absurd with interviews and stressing about "omg what do i do if they don't offer me a job" LOL. But anyway, this is why I am doing a hiatus...I really need to focus on this stuff and I have a billion papers I need to write in order TO graduate.

Autophobia will be back in June. I hope you guys will look forward to it<33 Thank you for being patient with me ;v;