Chapter 06 - 07

January 20th, 2013, 4:30 pm
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From the Author
G.H.S.T January 16th, 2013, 6:57 pm
Lori, that's not nice! :(

*The "artistic thing" comes from this conversation on page 72 :o (GHST, no one remembers that!)
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Kiba-Fish January 20th, 2013, 4:36 pm
SCREAMING AHH SO CUTE AH He gets so flustered and I can't just can't gdhkdjahgsdgdsg <333
Umbilical Noose January 20th, 2013, 4:42 pm
That hurts. D;
gimlet January 20th, 2013, 5:30 pm
Daniel just has to be the most cutest thing ever, and his spaz moments are just adorable *_*

I love this comic and your style :)
nekonessa January 20th, 2013, 6:01 pm
i love it when he gets flustered it's so cute >w<
kittychick January 20th, 2013, 7:36 pm
Aww... It's so cute, but I still feel for him, especially when he gets teased for just being his adorkable self.
Anima_Sana January 20th, 2013, 7:50 pm
Awww... So cute, the classmates are jerks though :/ I personally feel that
Izy January 20th, 2013, 10:37 pm
XP 30 says he's not going to get defended on the "homo" comment.
+bird+ (Guest) January 20th, 2013, 10:47 pm
Bah, not to open-minded, that one!

But more importantly I love Louis' expression in that second panel. He seems to be enjoying Daniel's difficulty so much!
MechaMax January 21st, 2013, 7:39 am
Nice save Daniel!

And the homo has the cutest fucking crush ever. Just saying. Srsly, his blushing and fussing just keeps getting to me. Almost like I can feel what he feels and feeling in love is just such a soft and nice feeling. I've said it before but you're really a good author and artist! <3
Shiako January 22nd, 2013, 8:09 pm
Diseasedface January 25th, 2013, 4:33 pm
PFTTTTTTTT` ~hugs comic page~

GOOD COLOUR WHEEL COMPATIBILITY INDEEEEEEEEED <33333333333333333333333333333333333
lesbisk May 30th, 2016, 7:29 pm
Why are they so mean about the gay thing ;-;
Kokuji August 4th, 2016, 4:28 pm
I can't comment with out calling Lori a few really mean names myself... =-= I hope her hair catches fire.
fried_oreos58 June 28th, 2017, 9:00 pm
this is mean but idc lori I hope you have to take a dump while your stuck in traffic
Insanely Dead July 1st, 2017, 7:41 pm
Lori shut the fuck up!