Chapter 14 - 19


December 3rd, 2016, 11:00 pm

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Some strategies to use when having an anxiety attack:

1) Remind yourself that you are having an anxiety attack. Knowledge is power and understanding your body can go a long way...during an anxiety attack your "fight or flight" system is turned on. Remember that your body WILL calm down...~*homeostasis*~

2) Belly-breathing. Breathe in through your nose, hold your breath, and breathe out through your mouth. Helps to bring down the "fight or flight" response and turn on the ~*MELLOW*~ response…both systems cannot be on at the same time! (for more scientific names, these systems are your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems).

3) Muscle tension exercises. Tense muscles around the body and hold it for 5 seconds, then release. Try it with your jaw, your fingers, hand, toes, feet, knee, stomach, etc...has same affect on the body as belly breathing. Also helps if you are having sensory overload, which means your body is taking in too much sensory might crave pressure or the absence of certain stimuli like touch.

4) Visualization techniques. Imagine yourself somewhere calm and add sensory details. Immerse yourself in this scene. For example, you are at a beach, you can feel the grainy sand crunch beneath your feet. The waves hitting up against the shoreline, coming up, going back down.

What to do when someone is having an anxiety attack:

1) Remember that what is happening to this person is out of their control. Their muscle spasms, hyperventilating, screaming, repetitive speech, is not something they can control and in fact for some people, these can be coping mechanisms. Remember that anxiety is a brain thing.

2) Use limited language with the person. When anxiety is up, it is hard to process information. Use visual cues and body language to communicate.

3) Be present for them. A person having anxiety is going to have more anxiety that you are witnessing them having the anxiety...let them know that you are not leaving them and that you do not judge them.

4) Understand that mental illness in general is complicated...this person is a person and should not be reduced to "being crazy"...because they are NOT crazy. Everyone is different, with different backgrounds and biology: practice empathy and reduce judgement.
G.H.S.T, December 3rd, 2016, 3:38 pm Reply

... so real .. i´ve been there god .. i can tell it hurts ...i am crying so much right now.. and to me that shows the passion and care the autor puts in the comic, we can fell their pain, and their happiness (when it happens for a moment x) )

thank you , and good luck today ^^
I want to tell you that this was a...terrifying depiction of an anxiety attack, and I want to commend you on it. You showed how they can be sometimes very well and I really empathized with louis.
Well this was an emotional 15 pages. And i loved it, Im kinda happy it didnt end in a kiss or anything. It just feels genuine this way.
Man... that was extremely difficult to read.... I have been there so many times.... Anxiety is truly a terrorizing thing and you did a great job is capturing that.
T_T @G.H.S.T i love/hate you rn
I cried a little. Oh boy.

I've never had an attack that bad. It's all totally internal and I have some control over it, but I have hit myself before to try and make it stop.
*Slow clap that turns into roaring applause*
I'm crying. Like actually crying.
I wondered when you'd actually show this scene and my God...

This is probably inappropriate in some way I guess? but well done. I have to commend you on how you wrote and drew this.

I 100% understand what it's like to be in this frame of mind and this literally almost mirrors what used to happen to me, so it kinda triggered me a little, not going to lie (I was well aware of the warning so don't worry, I knew what I was getting into), hence the tears, but really kudos to you for doing it.

For some people who have never experienced an anxiety attack or this intense of an attack, it's really difficult to understand what actually goes on inside someone's mind or even comprehend how someone feels, but you really managed to get that across. It's truly frightening and my heart really aches for Louis. I know this is just a fictional story but the condition and situation is real and for anyone who suffers like this I want nothing more than to do what Daniel is doing and just be there for people, even if to them it may feel like a presence is doing nothing.

With regards to the comic, I just wanna say that I always look forward to every update, even if it's a sad update, and like this update, upsetting or terrifying. Thank you for taking on such a difficult task of creating this comic and making people aware of this and I hope that Louis is able to feel better in the future. I really hope that he's able to break free from his demons and really hope that he's able to suppress the dark thoughts, even just a little bit.
I related to that anxiety attack. A LOT. I suffer from an anxiety disorder myself, and it gets really bad and scary sometimes. They're not fun, and you depicted it really well. Especially with the erratic, repetitive speech. I know for a fact I am a broken record when I get started. They frustrate me, and I sit there mentally screaming at myself to stop, but they just don't. They have to run their course, and it's awful!

Very well done. I applaud you, because not a lot of people can do that very well.
Wow. Thank you so much for this. I'm sure it was hard to create. It was definitely hard to read. This is such a brave, terrifying, accurate depiction of an anxiety attack. Thank you.
That whole scene was very powerful, it brought tears to my eyes. What a huge milestone in their relationship
that was a hard thing to convey with a comic. nice job

edit: you've earned a damn break lol
That was intense. I've suffered from anxiety/panic attacks, chronic depression, and an anxiety disorder all my life, and it's amazing to see things I've lived through represented like this.
I cried. I feel so uncomfortable. You pictured anxiety attack without making it look cheap or untrue *bowing to you* thank you.
(sorry, it's long, trigger warning)
I remember the first time I had an attack like this. I was supposed to meet my best friend the next day but when my mom saw me crying uncontrollably, we decided I will say I'm sick. I felt so bad about it.
I had the attacks few times but never as violent, as terrifying, as senseless as the first one.
Unfortunately, my mom doesn't know what anxiety is. She doesn't know I can have this. So now she gives me few words of encouragement and then cold shoulder. She believes I will calm down. But I don't. And after I stop crying in front of her, I go to my room and cry silently.
She once asked me if I have depression. But asked jokingly, probably didn't know how to ask seriously. And I said that I probably just feel down and it will go away. I saw relief on her face.
I think many times about going to the psychologist. I want to be one in the future so it might be a good way to start a conversation that I want to go to one first. To see how real appointment goes.

Thanks again, dear author. Your comic is truly a great experience. I couldn't wait for the new pages. But the feeling these new left is sour.
Shit... I'm in tears oh man

I haven't been diagnosed or anything with anxiety but I certainly get anxiety attacks. Over little things like a raised voice or the fear something is wrong even when I know nothing is wrong and I can't stop crying or catch my breath. I'm an outgoing musical theatre performer and genuinely a happy go lucky person. I didn't think it was normal for me to feel the way I do without any issues socially or in my family life.

And this despite being a different situation, has beautifully put into it's pages a graphic, yet extremely relatable expression of one of those attacks. That's how I feel when they happen, and I'm sure it does formany other people. Thank you for tackling this imagery the way you have.

You're gonna make a lot of people understand.
Yeah, that hit super close to home, uncomfortably so. To cheer myself up I went back and reread it with the My Heart Will Go On recorder cover, as suggested.
@G.H.S.T: do you have anxiety/panic attacks?

Also thank you for this, I need this for my best friend, I never really knew how to handle it. She doesn't have this bad of attacks but its still hard on her. Thanks.

Aaaaaand I love your comic so far it really is good. The art in it is really great and I enjoy the story.
You describe anxiety attacks very well. I'll have to keep those tips up the next time I have an attack, you did so well! I feel so bad for my son? Good job!! Such a big update :0

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