Chapter 14 - 30


January 8th, 2017, 10:00 am

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:'( :'(

Some poopy doopy news: I will be taking a short hiatus until the end of the month. I know it's awful timing to leave you with this page, but I have things I've got to do for school and would rather not worry about pages at a time like this. I'll be back soon, probably the 29th but maybe if my studies go well I'll be able to work on a page sooner (no promises on that though, I really need to focus haha). See y'all soon!<33
G.H.S.T, January 6th, 2017, 12:32 pm Reply

Omg :'D My heart

And take a good break on your hiatus! You will be missed greatly X'D
NO don't leave. JK. I love your stories and can see you put a lot of work into them, You need a break. and I totally get the studying thing too. I've been meaning to finish my book but I haven't been able to even finish the chapter I've been on because I've been bombarded with school work. (actually, what's worse is I think I lost it my rough draft, and I just make it up as I go.)
but anyways, I totally get it. School is WAY more important. Good luck. :-D
This is so sad.

But all the while, I'm sitting here thinking:
"When Daniel' mom getting home, because it would be hilariously embarrassing for them."

"No, not yet. They NEED to talk and understand each other. Louis needs to let Daniel into his heart and mind. And find out that he will still be loved, no matter how broken he is."

"THEN can the mom walk in on them?"

"Yes. then I wish the mom would walk in on them, Daniel will get all flustered and embarrassed, and Louis will be embarrassed too but he wont say anything. Just sit there, thinking over either what he just told Daniel or how cute Daniel is when he gets all embarrassed like that."

"YAY!!!" lol
P.S. Yes this is EXACTLY what was going through my mind. and Yes I talk to my self, deal with it. lol
One more thing...

Crying SOOO does not suit Daniel. lol

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