Chapter 14 - 44


April 16th, 2017, 7:03 am

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these boys are so pure together I love it
Aww so cute <3 <3
my cancer is cured
I love this comic so much! They are adorable. ^_^
mmm these boiiisssss Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it! If you dont, I hope you're having a cool spring!!
UGHH this is so precious
Please let this happiness continue forever ^^
fuck why are they so pure fuck
I love these gay children
Just realised I'm reading over 30 comics at the time but this is totally my favorite, I get really exited whenever a see there's a new page, I fricking love it ^-^ Btw "The goddamn sun" was amazing
my crops have been watered
@beltrash: wtf? XD
@freaks_are_unique: in most of the earlier pages, all the comments were things like "acne cleared, crops watered, health restored" and other thing,s showing gratitude for how great the pages are
I can't handle them my heart hurts.
Beautiful page as always <3
Omg I love how thede two are so playful in these pages, my heart ♡♡
You're killing me... I'm going to die
I sit sometimes and wonder that there is no conceivable way that this author could make these two characters any more cute together and then lo and behold i stand extremely corrected each update.
..... *dies*
Its a meme
Aaaaaah I love it so much
Let's put that flexibility to test *WHEEZE*
i swear everytime i read this comic my life gets better everything does my asthmas gone my skins clear i have a good immune system
welp I just read through this in about a day..Freaking love it, was screaming at the kiss became omg the relationship development was soooooo good and that he saw Louis at his weakest moment, supported him..grew closer to him and they kissed AAAHA they're so pure protect them pleaseeee. *Fanboys*
Where the heck are our chapters! We deserve more chapters! Starting to think your a lazy artist if you haven't posted in what, a month?
@Mehu: smh you don't /deserve/ anything, this is is free content they're choosing to make for us, jfc
Out of curiosty, ruok? I am more worried abt you than if you actually continue updating, and please dont be dead! Also ty for such a lovely comic that always brightens my day!
hey, i really hope you are doing ok :) We are totally fine without new pages if you need some time off or if something's going on in your life. Just remember we all support you!
I agree
Same here <3

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