Chapter 14 - 44


April 16th, 2017, 7:03 am

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these boys are so pure together I love it
Aww so cute <3 <3
my cancer is cured
I love this comic so much! They are adorable. ^_^
mmm these boiiisssss Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it! If you dont, I hope you're having a cool spring!!
UGHH this is so precious
Please let this happiness continue forever ^^
fuck why are they so pure fuck
I love these gay children
Just realised I'm reading over 30 comics at the time but this is totally my favorite, I get really exited whenever a see there's a new page, I fricking love it ^-^ Btw "The goddamn sun" was amazing
my crops have been watered
@beltrash: wtf? XD
@freaks_are_unique: in most of the earlier pages, all the comments were things like "acne cleared, crops watered, health restored" and other thing,s showing gratitude for how great the pages are
I can't handle them my heart hurts.
Beautiful page as always <3
Omg I love how thede two are so playful in these pages, my heart ♡♡
You're killing me... I'm going to die
I sit sometimes and wonder that there is no conceivable way that this author could make these two characters any more cute together and then lo and behold i stand extremely corrected each update.
..... *dies*
Its a meme
Aaaaaah I love it so much

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